Rubie — The Status Symbol

Mesmerizing and a miraculous attention catcher, Ruby certainly deserves to come in the list of four precious stones. Its jaw-dropping beauty can shake the hearts and make them yearn for this divinely beautiful piece of shine. It will not be an exaggeration to call India a country of gemstone lovers where gemstones are considered precious and auspicious as well. With improving technology and increasing online outlets of gemstones, buy ruby stone online India has become quite a popular line of search engines now a days.

Let’s get a close introduction with amazingly beautiful ruby stone.

The Astrology Side -

Also known as Manik in Hindi Ruby stone represents Sun and possess great astrology powers such as –

- It enhances passion and love in a relation.

- Imparts good health and strength and cures from diseases like back bone problem, health issues related to heart, brain, eyes, hiccups, diabetes.

- It can be worn as earrings, necklace, rings and pendants but for astrological benefits one should wear it as a ring or a pendant.

- To wear for astrological reasons the weight of a ruby stone should be between 3 to 6 carats.

- Brings spark and liveliness in human nature.

- It miraculously transforms hardships of life in prosperities.

- Protects from the evil spirit and gives a financial stability.

  • Wearing ruby attracts name, fame and leadership skills.
  • It positively dominates the career fields of mineralogist, engineers, actors, goldsmiths (jewellers), dramatists, politicians, merchants and aspirant to fame, government officials, cloth dealers, stock exchange, diplomats, artists, politicians, dealers of cotton, paper, flowers and creative sectors.

Formation Of Ruby Stone

Ruby stone is basically a mineral stone and a fusion of oxygen, chromium, iron and aluminium. It is been found in various hues such as — reddish purple, crimson and scarlet red colors, deep ruby-violet with bile color. From astrology to fashion world ruby stone works as a hypnotizer with its mesmerising beauty and great astrological powers. It adds a true attitude when worn as a fashion jewellry.

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