Manoj Manduva
Jul 3, 2019 · 1 min read

There is so much information around us,
submerging us, more than our capacity to take in.

And when some information stimulates us
our human nature of sharing kicks in.

However, to whom we share is already
drowing with their own quota of infomation.

This is disturbing the human igo,
of being acknowledged and appreciated.

Remember, when there is no reward,
there will be no attempt.

So in a way more the information around us,
the more siloed we become.

More asocial.

May be we should not share information.
May be we should share insight.
More personally.

I’m sure the above insight is missed by many of them
who didn’t reach till this sentence.

    Manoj Manduva

    Product designer — Electric Mobility

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