Life in HD

Manoj Manduva
Feb 15 · 2 min read

You need to give something to get something, is a popular belief. As we grow up, we gain knowledge and wisdom and give away our innocence.

One day, before going into a classroom session I had a coffee.

How boring ?

Ok, now rewind a bit < < <

At about 5:30 in the evening. It was cold and drizzling on a typical weekday evening of Berlin’s mitte. The centre of all activity.

As I almost had an hour before my German class begins. There is a Starbucks cafe on the corner of the tall building and I decided to have a cappuccino. When else can be a good time ?

When I was waiting for my name to be called, I sat next to the window and was looking at the passing world.

I felt, I earned an extra 2 min of time more to the 24 hours available to everyone else.

There are busy people, crossing the roads, walking frenzy and making way for incessant trams. Old, young, new, different…all sorts of people. The vapours from the coffee machine and grinding sound..the comfort of soft cushion sofa and texture of the faux leather…

Ok, I will stop here before going to be too poetic.

If only I was catching up the music scene, I would tell you guys if it was Rihanna or Arianna’s song.

When we lead our day to day activities, we are preoccupied with the thoughts, of the next moment, next task or curse ourselves for the last mistake.

We never absorb the details of the instance, enriching the moment. We are basically a collection of sensors writing data on our brains. But we keep the brain so busy that we don’t event register the rich details of the world around us.

Push more pixels into the moments of the life. Living life in HD.

I think, this is what the great say about mindfulness. Being conscious and being observant. Capture the essence in totality.

“You become what you give your attention too” — Epictetus

Be the child, who watches only to absorb and retain not to judge and pretend. Seeing everything as if it is first time. Only then you look at problems as opportunities. Stop and gain the extra time.

For what I know, with great actors around us in this musical drama called Life, it is worth watching only in HD

    Manoj Manduva
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