Manoj Manduva
Aug 8, 2019 · 3 min read
Choosing this cover picture, could be a mistake.

I know myself to be a great evangelist of Experimentation.

Of all the quotes, I read. I pasted only one in my closet.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

I used to proudly say, I want to be an example. If not in a good way, I don’t mind being in a bad way.

But what does Experimentation demand?

Courage to fail.

Permission to make mistakes.

Curiosity to learn new things.

An optimisim in envisioning new outcomes.

Mistakes, I feel are enablers to learning.

They are doors to possible ‘unlearning’. Pathways to escape the social programming.

Do I accuse someone of making mistakes.


But isn’t it contradicting ?

Am I a hypocrite?


Mistake is not a mistake, if you could predict its occurance.

It is not wise, to oversee its occurance.

It is foolish to admit it as a mistake if you can predict its occurance by fair amount of pre-calculation and pre-thought.

Does it mean you are being less courageous? By all means No.

I’m ok, if you expect, different outcomes, new outcomes by predicting a mistake and still taking that path.

Then there is a clarity in your thought. Then, there are set expectations.

Make new mistakes.

It means you are trying new things.

New mistakes from the repository of yours. It need not be from others.

Have you analyzed your mistakes. Have you reflected enough ?

Have you charted a way out? Have you made plans to recover?

If the answer is No.

Then, you don’t have the right to repeat same mistakes

and expect new results. Expect empathy from others.

Acknowledging a mistake is good. Its a good first step.

But it is like ‘seeing a tiger in front’ and standing there.

You need to run to safety.

You need to make an action plan to avoid the same mistake.

Forget, others. And, there opinions.

How have you progressed? What have you learned from your mistakes?

If every mistake is same, then it doesn’t add to any learning.

If you cannot avoid repeating the same mistake.

Take a different path.

A new approach. But it atleast needs a conscious effort.

Do you have to stand by someone, if they commited a mistake.

Yes, ofcourse. Celebrate it . Laugh about it. Take it easy.

If someone, is making the same mistake over and over.

Warn them. Make them understand. Point out.


How to help?

Help is like giving what you have extra.

Someone shares love, because their heart is full of it.

Someone shares money, wisdom etc. because they have it in surplus.

Help others to stop making same mistakes by aiding them with

knowledge, wisdom, or time.

However, the reciever, needs to be open. Sincere.

Atleast put an effort, to seek what kind of help you need.

Commiting the same mistake over and over is not a mistake.

It is self sabotage.

Written by

Product designer — Electric Mobility

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