Rpay Application

· Applications designed for mass adoption

An application which is free and simple is not enough, There needs to be innovation that solves problems and challenges. Rpay has a two-phase approach to overcome obstacles in the minds of consumers and businesses by offering incentives so that cryptocurrency may become a part of everyday life. The sole purpose of this phase is to attract the masses, capture their attention and raise the awareness of cryptocurrency beyond the “underground” status. This will be accomplished through two applications, one for consumers and the other for businesses.

· Phase 1 — Incentives and Rewards

Phase 1 is a gateway for the masses to adopt cryptocurrency into their everyday life through rewards. Consumers and businesses both need to be incentivized in order to be open to incorporating cryptocurrency on their life. Our idea of rewards is not just a simple loyalty programme; we have a strategic plan in place to create mass adoption.

· Consumer Rebate Rewards Application

Rpay offers an exciting retail incentive to the rapidly growing number of online shoppers. When consumers shop at some of their favorite online retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, JC Penny and even Petco just to name a few, they will receive R token cryptocurrency through the Rebate Rewards Platform. Once people understand the benefits of shopping with a decentralized cryptocurrency, they will discover why cryptocurrency is a lot more exciting than traditional cash back. Rpay’s platform is a simple way for the masses to experience cryptocurrency without it seems overly complicated. In other words, PRO makes cryptocurrency simple and fun to use. Cryptocurrency will no longer be limited to technology experts and advanced speculators. Everyone who shops through the Rpay Rebate Rewards application will automatically start collecting cryptocurrency as a rebate. This allows them to own cryptocurrency and also become a speculator. This is how it will be possible for the general population to easily become a part of the cryptocurrency community. Rpay will launch the R token Rebate Rewards Platform at the time of Rpay app launching distribution starts.

· Business/Merchant Solutions Reward Application

How do you get a business or merchant to want your product? Usually, you must offer something that will enhance the company and help increase loyal customers so that the business can be more profitable. How has cryptocurrency technology helped businesses adopt cryptocurrency? The Rpay Business Solutions application will be offered for free. This will help guide businesses into understanding how they can benefit from accepting cryptocurrency. Businesses will discover the importance and advantages of cryptocurrency through our application. The Business Solutions app has 4 components within the app that will add tremendous value to any business. The application is designed to help businesses further learn about business development, branding, advertising and the advantages of cryptocurrency. One of the components of this application is an intuitive learning platform with educational modules that are simple for businesses to learn about cryptocurrency. Rpay will reward businesses as they complete the courses on the app with special advertising credits and in some cases, even bonus tokens. This is a great way by which they can experience how consumers earn rebate tokens. This will incentivize businesses to start accepting and using cryptocurrency. This benefits business and their customers mutually. Once customers and business owners have R token rewards, they will naturally want to know how they can sell, trade, and use these tokens.

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