To kill a man…

In the forests dense and tall,

Into our trap, had stumbled the prey.

The money-nations were having a ball

We had captured, the mighty Che!

“Brave, Che was? Nay!”

Opined one scrawny soldier

“Prophet of chicanery, I say”

Claimed another, scared of thunder!

But the camp had many, strong and brave,

With legend about which one could rave

Each wanted in history, his name,

As the man who set Che on flame!

The colonel received the orders to kill;

He had to choose one with the will.

He only had half a day,

To name the killer of the mighty Che!

I was of those not so eager,

Warily afraid of the danger

Killing him was not child’s play,

After all, he was the mighty Che!

Vultures circled the camp, thirsty

The colonel appeared, himself frosty

He looked at me,and went on to say,

“Salazar, he is all yours to slay!”

I loaded the pistol, hoping he would flee

Che mused, “You are here to kill me.”

I trembled and shuddered; his words ran,

“Serene yourself. You are going to kill a man!”

I stepped back and fired the first round;

Clenching his legs, he fell face bound.

I fired next at the mighty heart,

In history, I had played my part.

Songs would carry his tragic death,

Shot by a nobody, on this day

One last gasp, and then no breath:

Thus lay lifeless, the mighty Che.

*Ernesto 'Che' Guevara was shot dead by Mario Terán Salazar, a Bolivian soldier in 1967, in the jungles of Higueras. He has refused to admit, till date that he was the one who pulled the trigger. Official documents have however, confirmed his role in the death of the revolutionary*

*The words attributed to Che here, are said to be his actual last words.*