What I have learned so far in my journey of life

Manoj Singh Negi
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1. Respect People

It’s unbelievable how much people want to help you

I can’t tell you how much this one helped me. I was disrespecting people my whole life, I think I was better than other or higher than people in some way but when I started to show some respect !BOOM! I was a totally different person. I was achieving more, I was doing more and now there are people who are helping me when I got stuck.

It’s unbelievable how much people want to help you, invest in you. You just have to show them that you are a good product, that you respect them. That you are going to give them the respect or appreciation that they truly deserve.

2. Go where pressure is to perform.

so what you do? you perform.

You grow when you challenge yourself. Most people choose the easy route they don’t want to work in pressure, they don’t need a challenge. The most important thing in the software development industry is that either you perform, learn and adapt or you fall. The technology is changing so fast every day if you don’t keep up you are dead.

The second thing for us as humans is we are prone to danger. Our mind over the thousands of years of evolution learns to stop us doing from everything which we find scary. Facing people, talking to people, starting business etc but most importantly failing.

And that’s why when there is pressure we give up and try not to go and choose that path. But the truth is every thing you want to achieve lies behind the things we try to ignore. When there is pressure to perform you don’t have any choice other than performing.

so what you do? you perform.

3. Investment is everything.

we are the best investment product we can ever have.

What you seed today you will cut tomorrow. Thinking short term will give you pleasure & surety but investing will benefit you in the long run. I invested last 5 years of my life working on the internet and websites.

But looking back that is the most important and best decision of my life. It took me 4 years to start making money from what I do every day but now I make enough money to pay my bills and buy me my essentials things. Investing these last 5 years led me to meet one of most amazing people of my life.

Think of everything in terms of investment. Ask yourself what you investing and what you get before you buy anything, start a new project or talk to new people. If you invest in yourself by making good and trustworthy friends you will be going to see results soon. If you invest in your work rather than that new shiny thing you are doing good.

So invest in yourself. Because we are the best investment product we can ever have.

4. The simple act of showing up

do the hardest thing first things afterward become easier and easier.

The simple act of showing up is going to change everything for you. What’s hard most often is the courage to take the first step. It’s easy to talk about doing things rather than actually showing up to do them. I learned this couple of years after I starting programming.

Showing up is hard and that’s why people give up before even starting up. But what most people don’t understand is if you do the hardest thing first things afterward become easier and easier.

Doing something is better than doing nothing. Writing 5 blog post a year is better than not writing a single post. Building a business in 3 years is better than just thinking about starting a business for 3 years.

So let’s get up and start showing up to the situation you wants to perform.

5. Your path is laid out in front of you

Know & act.

Yeah, you don’t have to know anything other than just these two words know & act. You don’t need to learn anything, you know enough. You don’t need any new skills to make an impact. The things we say to ourselves “ I don’t know maybe learning this thing we help me build my dream project”, “Blah blah blah I don’t have access to this thing or that thing” these are the illusion we try to feed our mind in order to not do the right thing because you know what we already know we are going to fail.

We all know we have to work hard to achieve whatever we want to achieve, We know the specific steps to our destinations. So The conclusion is just remove these excuses and get back to work.

6. It’s okay to be who you are :)

being the change.

It’s a cruel world out there people will not like when you do what you really like. They want you to act like as they say, work like as they say, talk as like they say but the key to be better than others in your craft and to be more successful is being different, is being disruptive, is being the change.

Everyone is selfish and self-righteous don’t worry about that. Everyone will give you advice, warnings in the day to day life. But what we have is a choice to choose who to follow or who to not.

It is your life live it in your own way. :)

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