10 steps for bloggers you should follow after the publication of a new article should be!

There are steps to be followed after the article was published?

(1) Repeat read and review article
 I know you certainly invest some time to review and amend your articles before publication. But most bloggers are forgetting something. Therefore, you should check the article linguistically and revised more than once prior to publication.

(2) Share your article on social networks

You spend hours in the preparation of your article. You should spend a few minutes on to promote your articles. Immediately after the publication of your article then share it on Facebook, Twitter. And any other social networks continue to have deactivate the account. This will help you get to attract the attention of readers. Do not make a better choice of networks for the deployment process that takes a great time. Start publishing now and see for yourself most effective through the experience. You can learn more about that how you can publish an article by digital marketing training in delhi from Techstack.

(3) Send the article to subscribers in your mailing list
 The participants in the mailing list are the most loyal to you was they gave you permission to play by informing them of what is published by the new content. So then send the article to them immediately. Make it a daily habit or weekly, and if you do not have a mailing list after start building one immediately.

(4) Share an article in the specialized groups and communities
 Surely you are in a group on Facebook or LinkedIn member. It is possible that you are in a specialized communities such as Hassob I / O or any other specialized community members. Share your article on those groups and communities to get a bigger spread. If you were not in any groups or communities by you to consider the possibility of acceding to some of them must.

(5) Tighten the new old article your articles
 If you publish articles with content values ​​succeed in attracting many visits and posts with the passage of time. These articles will enable you to send many visits to the new article. Return to the best articles that you posted, and finding a way to put a link refers to the new article. Those internal links serve to attract many visits to the interior of your articles, which reduces the rate of jumping on your site and makes the reader spend more time in reading your articles, which has a strong impact on improving your articles for search engines.

(6) reply to the comments
 Encourage readers to add their comments on your article is a great challenge. So you should not totally ignore the suspension of one of them. Mark to respond to all the comments you have priority. We will build a strong positive relationship with your readers. Which will spur more of them to participate and comment on your article.

(7) Restart your article hiring in other photos
 It should not be at all to publish an article and leave him to die with time. Any number of his essay is greater than 800–1000 words can easily be re-employed in a new image to add greater value. You can use it as text, video, a digital book or even dividing it to smaller posts. Despite being a long process and it takes a lot of time.

(8) then schedule your article for publication more than once on the social networks
 Most bloggers are doing with the participation of their article immediately after its publication only once or twice on the social networks. However, you should not depend on the participation of your article after the first day. At least the article in favor of re-involvement of the week if not months. So I advise you to re-publish your articles on social networks always for months after publication as long as the content is no longer Old or other updates have emerged have not been added yet.

(9) invested good relations and mutual benefit
 Blogging helps you build good relationships in your field. If you spend some time in the post and comment on entries other writers in your field. You probably have built a strong network of relationships with writers and codes. When you publish a new article does not hesitate to share with them. If you like surely would be interested in taking part with their friends and followers, and if one of them communicate with you does not hesitate to do the same.

(10) Consider the numbers!
 Finally, always follow the figures and analyzes own blog will tell you for the traffic that comes to your blog sources and more articles and post reaction and whether visitors continues to read several articles or to jump high rate. This information will help you develop and improve your articles coming.

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