Google search engine tools

Google offers many free tools that allow administrators of websites to improve the websites of the companies appear on the search results pages (SERP) by monitoring the traffic and get to know the strengths and weaknesses, including:

Google site offers a range of tools for administrators websites help them improve the appearance of their positions in the search engines, most notably: You can learn more about google search engine tools by doing digital marketing course in delhi with placement from techstack.

First :Google Webmaster Tools

The administrators of websites and through access to better control how Google search engine with the organization’s website interaction also helps to get useful information from Google about the website, and there is this tool a variety of tasks such as:
 • Link XML Sitemap file a site map file in the programmer you can get it through XML Plugins or additions such as WordPress.
 • Analyze and generate Robots.txt files, a file can be generated by Google to put it in the main publichtml folder, which helps to control the entry of robots to your site to examine the files associated with the search engine.
 • Helping to remove unwanted third-party site links that appear in search results.
 • Better knowledge of research methods used to access the site.
 • Knowledge of how to view pages by Googlebot.
 • receive notification of violations and technical risks present in your site.

Second: Visitors statistics Google Analytics tool

 Is the collection of statistics visitors to the site to be classified, which helps webmasters to find out some information about the visitors and behaviors that are by monitoring the traffic on the website tool, and through knowledge of the following:
 • Knowledge of sources of search engines.
 • Knowledge of state — visiting the city.
 • Helps monitor visitor traffic or users be replies actions towards the goods or services provided within the website.
 • Discover the strengths of the website and that contributed to the visitor to the website to attract.
 • Provide a comprehensive statistical report helps you in the best practice for planning marketing campaigns online in other tools such as Google AdWords.

Third: the tool paid ads on Google and YouTube Google AdWords
 An advertising program Google Inc., where you can buy advertising space geographical Bastkhaddav (specific country such as Saudi Arabia) in addition to the target language (researchers English language without Arab) and categorical (age, gender) in addition to the Google targeting allows researchers for something that is linked to their work or hobby ..where Google collects that information and classification of the researchers on this basis giving you optimal planning to advertise on Google’s advertising program.

Fourth: indicators Maabges tool or a tool by people Google Trends
 The tool helps webmasters to find out the concerns of people in the search engines and more search words in Google search engine (eg entry tool | Maabges his people in the United States — Saudi Arabia — Jordan — Egypt … etc).

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