How Google Analytics work?

Initially the data is “Collection” collection uses a small Google Analytics code program of the type Javascript to gather information, you have to put this code in every page of the site, or if you are using the site compatible with Google Analytics such as codes of blogger “Blogger” or YouTube channel, the blade digital special tracking account on Google Analytics inadequate set number code on its own in the Blogger dashboard or in the Youtube channel settings place and be in the following form: “UA-36457479–1” upon the arrival of visitors to your web site, you will begin this code collecting different pieces of information about how visitors interact with your website, such as the collection of links “URL” pages displayed on the visitor and collect information from the user’s browser, such as language and the browser name, run visiting your system and figure out where the income visitor on the site, and this is important very analytical and named sources referral “referring source” and all this information is placed on “Server” special analyzes Google to be addressed is the second phase processing as in the previous format in which the raw data is converted to the more specialized data, for example: that during treatment are classified devices Visitors who entered through it on your site type was it from a mobile phone or from the computers, and then processing the data go to the stage configuration of your configuration settings, as a setting filters (filters) to the data, and may include the exclusion of certain types of data in your reports, such as that the exception of data from visitors to your company, taking into account that the formations that you selected is stored in the database, and it is important to note that it cannot be changed after that, and that you can extract this data on reporting Authority reports for your analysis are presented in the form of systematic you want.

What are the themes and standards which employs Google Analytics?

Axes which employs Google Analytics is described Visitors properties such as geographic location and referring sites and the named pages, and the scales are digital statistics help you to understand the behavior of visitors, it can also be Averages account, such as the average appearance of the number of pages for visitors during the period of time on your website your, you can also adjust the Google Analytics to track conversion rates when a visitor procedures, such as the number of logins on the website “Signups” in a newsletter or buy a product, there are several important measures you should know are: You can learn more about google analytics by doing digital marketing training in delhi from techstack.

Visitors scale (Visitors / Users):To calculate the number of visitors the site during a specific time period, and is used to determine the size of the total visitors to the site and visitors can be divided into two types: hesitant visitors on the site and visitors is hesitant.
 Two sessions Visitors to the site scale (Visits / Sessions): To calculate the period of time spent by visitors on your web pages and through this measure to understand the extent of visiting the attractiveness of your web pages and find out the most attractive for visitors pages.
 Scale views your pages (Pageviews and events):To calculate the number of page views for the site, and is used to find out more threads View on your site to know what kind of topics that your audience loves her.
 Scale visitor bounce rate for your site (Bounce rate):is the ratio between the total number of visitors who viewed only one page of the site by the total number of all visitors to the site, and must take into account the type of your site to understand this measure properly, for example, site pages contain technical Ajax, a technique the user interacts with the non-Refresh “Refresh” page it is natural that such sites rebound rate is much higher than the bounce sites that do not use Ajax technology rate.
Visitors time scale operations “Timebased metrics”:It is used to know the following:
 Time browsing “” time on page:the time that it has a range of visitor interactions on your site, and Google knows time browsing visitor to the page by recording the time of entry, and put the time of entry to another page.
 Time browsing = “time to enter the first page — the time of entry of the second page.”
 The time of the visit, “visit duration”: different from the time of browsing, which is the difference between the time of the first “interaction” reaction to the visitor on your site from another time interaction.
Visit time = “first interaction the visitor on the page — Last time interaction on the page.”

We conclude that the importance of numerical analysis for webmasters and the strength and accuracy of Google Analytics system in the digital analysis of the sites, making it the best analytical systems. It is important that we have our understanding of his work and the standards mechanism which is based on well so we know how to take advantage of this system, Start Now select your goals analytical and do not forget that the best method of analysis is the classification of the data to the slides and the elements that should be the focus in the analysis: (accessed pages — referral — the most visited) pages.

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