How to plan and implement a successful advertising campaign online

If you might need for an action plan to market your product through the Internet, this means it has now become no less important than improving the position of your site in search engines (SEO) or marketing through social networks.

Above all, you determine the quality of customers that will target your campaign ad. And for that you have to answer honestly and openly about some of the questions, which of course will help you to implement your advertising campaign with higher accuracy and greater success. Do not answer a way that reflects your hopes and expectations, but also answer a way that reflects reality and truth. You can learn more about the advertising campaign online by digital marketing training from Techstack.
 # What is the quality of people as potential campaign?
 # Any quality online sites frequented these people?
 # In any Arab countries inhabited by clients who might be interested in your product? Do you want to target the same former clients or want access to new customers in new countries?
 # Where do these people usually buy products that I will or by promoting products that are promoted by competitors in the market?
 Your answer to these questions will help you to identify those who will target your advertising campaign, and this is very important in the construction and implementation of the campaign. There may be other questions you have to answer them, but they relate to the quality of your product and how to market it.

Ask yourself, where I’m going to publish my ads? Experience we have gained in the network ads emphasize that the best advertising tactic is to publish advertisements in a number of locations, not confined to one or two sites, it ensures that ads reach the largest possible number of people, especially new customers.

While reviewing the list of sites that you can publish the ads, you should consider the most important factors that make the sites available either valid to publish ads or invalid. These factors are:
 Number of visitors to the site (Travek- traffic).
 Site Content and quality of visitors.
 State in which he grew up the site, or the state that most of the visitors come from.

The language spoken by visitors to the site.

 Advertising services online allows several ways, ad formats, such as PPC (pay per click and also called CPC- Cost per click) or CPM (price vs. appear — usually 1000 ad impressions). The difference between the two formats is that in the way the first advertiser pays for each click on his announcement; while in the second pay for just advertising displayed on the site, either acknowledge it or visitors to the site do not click.

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