Publicizing the sites and e-marketing successful for your site

The definition of e-marketing for the company or facility
 E-marketing is the marketing of the product process, service, or brand of the facility or the company via the Internet, which includes all activities and work done over the Internet
 All over the world in order to attract new customers from all over the world while retaining existing customers

EBook marketing differs from Sioux operations, some confuses the word SEO and password publicity sites as one single, as publicizing site concerned with publicity through advertisements, newspapers and other regular means of publicity and known possible that falls under the name of publicity site also eBook marketing operations by placing advertisements and articles in other sites to publicize the site and increase its popularity and spread processes of the Sioux or the creation of the site for search engines differ from publicity positioning operations. You can learn more about website and digital marketing by joining internet marketing course and digital marketing course.

E-marketing to people defined

It is the promotion of the Website or the process of the idea of a website on the Internet to attract new visitors to the site from all over the world, leading to increased income from advertisements, advertisements
 Other sites and ads from Google Adsense
 First, e-marketing companies
 The percentage of Internet users and search engines, who are too looking for the goods and services for purchase to 84.8% of whom are looking only for tourism and some of them looking for drugs and some of them looking for books to buy and some of them looking for different items to buy them over the internet and some of them looking for information

Quick Stats
 Magazine (B2B)
 That 82% of senior marketing executives around the world are planning to increase spending on e-marketing
 In 2005, as spending on e-marketing by $ 5 billion, imagine the size of this amount far in 2013, and where to reach in the coming years
 The success of e-marketing process depends on three basic axes
 First: The product or service to be marketed
 Second, set up a website dedicated to this product or service
 Third, the Court put the marketing plan

First: The product or service to be marketed
 Many companies targeted from the beginning as companies tourism companies and real estate marketing and brokerage, transport companies and other existing companies already but lacking eBook marketing method and plan Successful marketing These companies have a pre-objective, which seeks to achieve a higher customer ratio and maintain customer 
 But for individuals who hear so much about profit through the internet 
 There are many methods for-profit project through Internet sites most important of which is to put Google ads on the site

Second, set up a website dedicated to this product or service
 It must be all that at the site urges and motivates the visitor to purchase taking into account an accurate description of the product without exaggeration in talking about In described, and must take into account that the site is not exaggerated in its design and stripes, and must be designed to describe the item, which we marketed, establishment of site for company Tourism differs from the creation of real estate website is different from the profile of the site differs from the site of the Games, and the way its own view and now you can watch and learn about the bouquets web design company.
 The site should be easy to navigate for any visitor and not easy to navigate from your point of view only, so you should view the site after its inception close to you, and whom you will know if your site will be easy for visitors or lacking something, know that he does not get lost someone inside his house, so do not take things from only one perspective or from your point of view only.

Third, the Court put the marketing plan
 Of the main roads leading to the completion of the process of marketing the following :

Free ads on other sites.
 Use the search and the site for search engines and SEO work correctly for your engines.
 Add your site in different locations guide.
 Paid ads on other sites.
 Mailing Lists.
 SMS via mobile phones.
 Write articles about your product or service in other sites that allow it.

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