Reasons mobile marketing a major digital marketing channels available today

It is rare that leave my mobile phone away from me … To be more precise may leave only when the battery charge 🙂, and I’m sure that reading this article shares my same everyday behavior, as your mobile phone is a constant companion 24 \ 7, and believe me that this behavior is something common more than 40% of the user around the world who own smart phones. You can learn more about the reasons for mobile marketing a major digital marketing channels by digital marketing course in delhi from Techstack.
 Because of the role of the mobile phone in our daily lives, and I wanted in this article is to review with you four reasons why mobile marketing a major marketing channels in the present day:

1. inherent in mobile phones to users in all places and times
 91% of users are hiding away their mobile phones wherever and at all times, some even carries his mobile phone with him to the toilet.
 Of course, this point is very important for marketers, since the arrival of the marketing message to a targeted sample ratio will be very high and often will be found keen majority to leave cell phones operate on a permanent basis, day and night and to avoid any hassles Some might closes the sound at night. The sense that very few of the laptop to shut down once and for all, is where the marketing opportunity of sending marketing offers at any time and ensure that it reaches the user.

2. availability of electronic payment systems via mobile
 Most smartphones today have the applications and systems, simple and protected facilitate electronic payment transactions, where facilitated banks and financial applications on smartphones owners complete banking and financial treatment by the use of such applications.

3. accurately measure the fruits of marketing campaigns
 As we know, marketing via the Internet in general is superior to other media in terms of ease of tracking ad campaigns and measure the benefits of these campaigns. Also, the advertising campaigns via mobile phone may be more accurate in terms of tracking, where every purchase made on a mobile phone can be tracked and track mobile phone number.

4. on the interaction of the biggest marketing campaigns 
 Finally, studies indicate that 13% of mobile phone owners interact with online advertising and SMS in terms of see and respond.
 There are a lot of elements and other information that made it work in the field of e-marketing are keen to add marketing through mobile as a key element and an important and irreplaceable, where the situation has changed simply and became a marketer closer than ever before to the client’s target instead of being in front of your target customer (ad plates) became in his pocket (via mobile).
 To this must be for our audit of the day in the development of a clear vision and strategy for the deliberate introduction of marketing through mobile within the e-marketing and online space plans.

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