Seo Keyword: Keyword Types in Seo of Digital Marketing

Seo Keyword: This is the focused term on your web page. We always write an article about any keyword. The keyword is the primary term in which we want to rank our web page very well in search engine.

The difference between Seo keyword and Search term?

The main difference between these two is Search term and SEO keyword. The search term is the standard term which searches by the user in a search engine to see web results and Seo keyword are those search term which is beneficial for my web page in which we want to rank high in search engine.

How many types of SEO keyword?

There are three types of the keyword on our web page in which we work:
1. Primary Keyword
2. Secondary Keyword
3. Tertiary Keyword

Primary Keyword: The main relevant keyword for any web page in which you want to rank in any condition.

Secondary keyword: The less focused keyword but still relevant and in which you want to rank in second priority for the main keyword.

Tertiary keyword: The third priority keyword for your web page in which you want at the end after ranking of primary keyword and secondary keyword.

Let’s example I created a web page for listing digital marketing course. But this is not the only keyword in which I want to rank this web page.

I will create a keyword list according to volume and competition. And creating a keyword list, I will divide that list into three parts according to the primary, secondary and tertiary keyword.

You can also use LSI words for this list. What is LSI? Full form of LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing. Use of similar types of keywords in your content will increase your content relevancy. The more relevant your content, the more you have a chance to get rank in search engine.

Seo keyword must have only 2 % keyword density in total content. Your keywords should not increase keyword density more than 3%. Otherwise, it will be counted as keyword stuffing.

For example, You have 500 words content, and you have focused keyword digital marketing course. Make sure this keyword should not be more than ten times.

Conclusion: Seo Keyword = Main Focused Keyword in Content with 2% K.D. ( Keyword Density ).

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