Seo link Juice: How to Calculate link juice of Webpage?

Seo Link juice: Link juice is the reputation power of link from a webpage which comes through a link. Every web page can increase their link juice by increasing incoming quality backlinks to their webpages. Is not necessary every backlink is transferring quality of link juice to our web page. We need to calculate reputation of web pages and website before getting the link from that page.

Before telling about Link juice: Let me tell you about domain rating and URL rating. This is what we need to consider in every step before getting the backlink.

Domain Rating: Every reputation of the website has scale meter from 0 to 100. If you have your website reputation is zero that means you don’t have a reputation in the search engine. It is combined reputation of your whole website. If your website reputation is 100, that means you have an excellent reputation in the search engine. The total reputation of your website is called Domain Rating.

Source : Woorank

URL Rating: Reputation of the webpage has scale meter from 0 to 100. Every web page has a different reputation. You can increase your web page reputation by increasing incoming links to your particular web page and make it high in search engine for ranking. The total reputation of the webpage is called URL Rating.

Calculate link juice of web page:

1. A page has 30 UR and 10 External links.
2. B page has 50 UR and 100 External links.

Here, We have A page with 30 UR that is low as compare to B page which has 50 UR. But when you calculate link juice of both web pages, you will be amazed. You can also learn digital marketing training from techstack.

The formula of Link Juice:

Link Juice: Page URL Rating / Total number of external link

Let’s calculate link juice of both web pages:

A Link juice : A Page URL Rating / A Total number of external link = 30 / 10 = 3
B Link Juice : B Page URL Rating / B Total number of external link = 50 / 100 = 0.5

Now, See here if I will get backlinks from A page I will get reputation six times higher than B page.

Conclusion :

High UR with Low External Link

Every time make sure you are calculating link juice before putting a link on that page. And that page must not have many external linking.

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