Use the search and to create the site for search engines engines

Consumers who needs shall be filled in on-line purchase ratio reached 84.8% and this ratio in a continuous increase every day
 Consumer uses search engines like Google, Yahoo and other search engines to reach the item or service is purchased online
 prepare your site for search engines can you connect an Item to a broader spectrum of customers all over the world, and open up new markets for your product, creating a new category of clients of your company.

Add your site in different locations guide

Then add your site in different locations directory, type in the word Google search engine (Web Directory you will find more than 25 million in Google search result, but Ki stating your site more Google Tool Bar then select the best locations between those results by downloading. You can learn more about search engine by doing digital marketing training in delhi.
 It is the order of 1 to 10. The higher the PageRank of the site as indicated .

Paid advertising on other sites

Which is about articles at large with a number of significant visits to sites, but you must first make sure that the size of this site and its popularity, and we have to be from the same area of an Item, for example, if you are talking about the sport do not you place a paid advertisement in the site talks about art, no matter how popular the site, any site must be a specialist in the same type of an Item and not to other visitors, because art site, for example, is uncertain that the priorities of the sport, and vice versa.

SMS via mobile phones

As is the case in the mailing lists is also in the lists of telephone customers’ numbers, any configuration a list of numbers customers and those interested in serving the site and sending short messages via mobile phone and mention them with the most important presentations or update the site often monthly You may ask visitors for their willingness to participate in that list

Write articles about your product or service in other sites that allow it

There are a lot of these sites and in all languages, through which it can offer an Item and definition to your audience users by writing articles about the product you are by promoting In a Press Release end of the article put a link to your site using technology
 Which you can: write articles for an Item and put your site with a link, and using that way you will reach your article to many groups around the world in seconds, including your classes and different markets is not up to your article on those sites appear in the developed pages in the search engines
 Press Release only search for the word
 In the Google search engine and you will find more than 140 million search results, of which sites offer the service for free and some are paid provided material.

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