What is the optimal method of analysis?

Having identified your goal and what you want to analyze, business class now to segments (segments) and marketing channels (Channels) to be able to find out what the channel responsible for the increase in purchases. This also helps you to see the segments of your data and understand why one of the changes that may occur on the data collected. Divided slide system is: a subset of the data, for example: Among the full range of your visitors have been to one of the slides of the visitors by a particular country or a particular city. The other segment is of visitors who have bought products as a result of a particular advertisement Show.

Start classify your data on paper, here are some illustrative examples:
 You can segment your data (segments) according to the following points:
 Date and Time: To compare the different behavior of visitors who visit your site on certain days of the week and certain hours of the day. You can learn more about digital analysis by doing digital marketing course in delhi.
 The device used: to compare the performance of the visitors on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.
 Channel Marketing: To compare the difference in performance of various marketing activities.
 Location: to identify the countries or regions, or the best-performing cities.
 Customers attributes: such as permanent clients visit against the owners of the first visit clients on site (Web Site), to assist in the understanding of the things that attract customers who become loyal.

What steps before implementation:
 Write your business objectives.
 Select strategies and tactics to support your goals.
 Select the metrics that will be the key performance indicators.
 Select the method you’ll need to divide your data.
 Create implementation plan after determining your requirements in your technical environment and closer to him, create a custom analysis of the performance of the implementation plan.

Elements to focus on in your analysis:
 Access / page landing page (Landing Pages): is the first page a visitor sees when entering the site (not a requirement to be home).
 Referral (Referrals): are the sites that the visitor came from before entering the site, the visit may be via search or Google ads drive or by the partner, so when you try a wide network of partners in the development of the Internet (Web sites and networks girlfriend), it is important that you know exactly who is the main partner for you. Knowing the referral source will help you to understand your audience and where he came from, and also helps in a better perception of the chip that you can target and increased access for you.
 Most visited pages: I know what is the most visited pages on your site and what are the most read articles, take this information and Rephrase your content fits the wishes of visitors.
 How do I start implementation?
Through the use of Web development team, or you can do it yourself if implementation of the plan was simple tasks, taking into account the fact that some of the techniques to other Web sites may require additional planning would never forget the role of maintaining the plan and improved. Your business and technical requirements of the environment has changed over time, and without a team or a personal follow-up from you to maintain a measurement plan, you will not keep pace with the needs of your reports, and no doubt that Google’s “Google Analytics” analyzes system is one of the best analytical systems at all.

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