Why webmasters needs to digital analysis of the performance of their positions?

Digital analysis is divided into two sections:
 Qualitative data analysis, such as: “the quality of the target group of visitors in terms of geographical location.”
 Quantitative data analysis, such as: “Count the number of visitors to your site for a certain period of time”.

Adopt these analyzes (Analytics) on your activity on the Web, compete with other sites and the target of the visitors your category or class that you want to target, so as to improve the performance of your website on a permanent basis, so the main benefit of digital analytics lies in giving you accurate and custom information about a visitor behavior on your site so you can achieve the results and objectives that seek them through your website.

where do I start? (Set a goal and the nature of your business)
 To be able to proper analysis must be clear in your goals, start specified in general, and then break them down into sub-goals, and work to achieve them sequentially (Step-By-Step) step by step, we will remember you months, five general goals for most of the sites on the internet at according to the nature of the work of each site are as follows: You can learn more about digital analysis by joining digital marketing institute in delhi.
 Specialized e-commerce sites: intended to sell products or services (such as: Amazon, or Click Bank).
 Sites create lists of potential customers: the goal is to collect information about visitors and submit it to the sales staff to communicate with potential customers, such as: websites that offer questionnaires (Surveys) required packaged or vote (Vote) for a particular event.
 Publishers of content sites: The goal is to encourage visitors to share the site’s content, including repeat visits it (such as blogs).
 Informatics sites or online support sites: the help users find the information they need in a timely manner is most important to them (such as news sites).
 Corporate Sites / institutions trademark holders: The main objective is to increase awareness and attraction and loyalty to this institution.

No major action on any Web site or a mobile app linked to the objectives of the business, and actions indicate to the target that has been completely achieved, for example, measure conversions (Conversion Rate) and conversions are visiting converted to a client / customer (Costumer), such as transfers of process for purchases on the site specializes in e-commerce.

These transfers “strong or reactive” because visitors with the products the site, and may be for some action on the web behavioral indicators site, such as not do a customer to purchase products and thus your goals Home did not materialize fully, and of the process of buying the products, but approaching them, such as: subscription mailing list (subscriber) or receive notifications for all that is new about your site via email. These transfers “medium or semi-interactive,” and is important to measure both strong remittances or medium to have more behavioral data that will help you to understand the experiences and help you achieve the right results for your site.

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