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Hey!! I am working on a cool Artificial Intelligence product… Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Exactly that’s what I felt when I started working on my first AI product

After this gush of huge happiness of getting to design the world-class AI product soon the gravity of my focus put me back at my work chair. I realized designing for an Artificial intelligence-based product is not as easy as it sounds. With very little to no relevant material available on the internet and with the continuous evolution of Artificial intelligence its an arduous task for any designer to bring the output…

Hey, what are these ChatBots?

Are they physical devices?

Oh, wait !! are they related to chatting or texting?

I know many of you might have had these questions when you first heard this term?

Have you ever said “Hey Siri”, and got yourself into a conversation with Siri,
Ever opened Google Assistant and asked about weather updates, directions and time and played around with it on your phone while driving your car or while playing around with your new phone…

Tadaaaaa !! well there you are …
These are Virtual Assistants and AI-Based chatBots.

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Well to cut it short…

The front end is like that puzzle, which begins with gathering the small pieces and then clubbing them all to make the final solution look better and all resolved.

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My choice corporate is a prepaid banking application product introduced by Wave Crest group. My Choice Corporate Prepaid cards allow businesses to streamline their commission, business, incentives, and travel payments. It also controls expenditures with enhanced convenience, flexibility, and security. Businesses can easily make payments across multiple currencies without the need of cardholders bank account or cheque issuance. My Choice Corporate is ideal for corporations that intend to automatize their business…

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A short video recording and sharing platform


An online video sharing platform that allows users to get paid for creating videos that get featured by brands. Skits is an app that allows you to create and/or promote fun videos for brands while earning money real time. It is also the first social commerce app in Nigeria.

manoj sreeram

A Full-stack product designer and developer with a creative problem solving approach and passion for design with purpose.

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