People are taking food and time for granted. if we don’t manage these two simple things well, everything else will be thrown into chaos.

Yesterday, I saw a friend have just a few oranges and coffee for lunch. When asked the reason for the lite meal, he said he doesn’t have time to make a lunch for work and want to save money eating outside. When asked why no time in the morning, he said he wakes up late and then has to take a quick jog with the dog. …

Every country suffers from it — lack of leaders. If you are planning to head something, whether it be a country, an organization or even a family, then you must know your responsibility well and the results it will produce, both in the short-term and in the long-term. A leader is one who knows clearly by education, practice, experience and realization that his/her actions will either purify the hearts of people or contaminate it severely.

You don’t become a great leader accidentally or through hollow talk. One becomes a good leader by being a good follower. The purpose of human…

Caught my mum silently making one of the family favourites — Tomato Rice. It’s quick and tastes great too. How do you make one?

1. Cooked white rice

2. Chopped ripe tomatoes

3. A green chilli

4. Vegetable oil or Ghee

5. Salt

6. Turmeric

7. Coriander leaves

8. Lemon

9. Red Chilli powder (optional)

10. Green Capsicum (optional)

11. Roasted cashewnuts (optional)

12. Mustard seeds

13. Hing (asafoetida) — half a teaspoon

14. Ginger — few chopped up ones

15. Curry leaves — few leaves

16. Green chili — half-a-slice

So, here goes:

1. Heat…

It’s OK not to have a start-up

And instead work for someone. There is nothing wrong with that route and you may just find it fulfilling.

Photo by Jadon Barnes (

I have come across so many people, so many articles and so many questions about people wanting to get out of their 9–5 cubicle life and setting up their own cubicle to execute their idea. A good majority of the people think that getting that winning idea, launching it and making that first million will happen all too quick. But from what I have seen, heard and experienced, it takes immense hard-work, intelligence, capital…

Just outside my home, few steps from the door, I was walking past this garden. Just as I raised my head to look at the flowers, I spotted this thing sitting there and planning a move.

Been having this idea in my head for a while. A product in the internet world which people in the event management field might find useful. I will require a website & an app for it to work well. Wanting to find how much the making of these products would cost, I stumbled upon this site which after a few questions, gave me a possible pricing for a website, apps along with other high-end features:

Woaaah!! That Much :(

Many of you might already about this website:
Check it out when you get a chance.

Anyway, looking at that figure I saw my…

Photo by Gabriel Barletta (Unsplash, licensed CCO)

As the world immerses itself into a frenzy of uncontrolled enjoyment, achievements and recognitions, we tend to forget the one aspect of life that will bring everything to a sudden halt — death. It comes at the least expected of times — perhaps while on your walk with the dog or while speaking at a seminar or that drive back home or even during that wonderful sleep. …

I walk into the kitchen and mum was busy preparing some pakoras (an indian deep fried dish. Contains mixed veggies in batter). I see her take a small piece of batter and place them into the deep wok with plenty of oil. As it hissed and crackled, I got excited and began to get involved.

Me: Mum! Try taking the batter and making it into a nice round ball and then place it in the pan.

Mum: No, I don’t want it that way.

Me: But it will look nice and golden when its round.

Mum: No, I don’t want…

I have been reading, hearing and watching people start their own businesses. Almost everyone dreams of starting their own business. The thrill, the independence, the fame and high income, all sounds so good. Even my mother (a grandmother by her age) was brainstorming a few ideas or two with me the other day. My sister too. But if you are starting from the ground up and do not have capital, it could be seem a bit discouraging. So, this is what I told them:

(1) Your product

Obviously, this is important. There are those who know what they want to…

Holidaying in Linkedin

In the year 2015, I undertook a 9-month travel break to learn the culture and scriptures of ancient India. Living with monks & spiritual practioners, thriving amongst the local animal scene (monkeys, peacocks, night jackals and roaming cows to name a few), gazing at 500-year old temples, surviving a summer heat of 47 degree Celsius, walking past clear waters of the River Yamuna and River Ganges, I experienced life at its fullest and an opportunity to carve out a future based on the ideals learned.

There was just one problem I bumped into on return — How…

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