Time Relapse !

Young Adult = getting over “the teenage fantasy of life” and thus willing to appreciate to differentiate and radiate his/her persona on the prime realities of life (HAHAaaa )… Love, Career , Money , Relationships and constantly tripping over the ironies attached to these…

Love = Magic, Power then Heartbreak = Pain , Power.

Career = Identity , Bank Account then Exhaustion = Failed Relationships, Lethargy, Boredom, Frustrations, Stress.

Money = Spending, Impulsive buying Excitement then Bank Account = Low , more investments, less on impulsive buying (sad realisations).

Relationships = Like minded people, Energy Boosters then Monotony = New people, but just couple of Real Attachments.

Life and irony goes hand in hand it is just the matter of dealing with it and enjoying dealing with it that is nothing but ‘Appreciating the changes’, ‘Differentiating it if right for you’ and ‘Acting on it’. That, my friend is nothing but living …

Stop connecting the dots ; Stop sticking to be something ; Stop Stressing JUST STOP!!!!!!!


Accept it ; Live the mess ; Detach ; Breathe ; Sleep !!

“Be a Survivor if not a Warrior”

‘Oh you’ - Relaxxxx please!!! :)

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