CrowdForce: A Global Decentralized Network for Micro Businesses!

Hello, my beloved readers! I hope you are very nice and enjoy your day, even in this bear market! I would like to give you my insights and write a review of a noteworthy project that caught my attention. It is called Crowdforce and it is going to empower the digitalization of the world!

Even in its initial steps, the project is already backed by many considerable institutions. Some of them are Draper Dark Flow, 500 Startups, Right Side Capital Management, Alphabit etc.

What is absolutely noticeable about Crowdforce is that it is going to lead to mass adoption and help individuals and companies that are underserved already. No one can deny the fact that there is a huge inequality between companies of the same sector as they have differently allocated their resources and they have different market shares. This inequality may harm the economic stability resulting in an increased volatility in industries.

Crowdforce can solve many problems. A huge percentage of transactions in developing markets happen offline with the use of traditional cash. This creates many problems that none can ignore as they also decrease the dynamic of the market. This project can offer to underserved population an affordable access to financial services and faster payments. It uses the power of mobile technology in order to make the economic environment faster, with lower fees and more secure.

Payment processing is still an issue in the commerce industry. Many fees are very expensive in order to make online transactions with the power of the blockchain technology. The blockchain can give the opportunity to process these transactions simultaneously. It also provides high levels of security as all transactions are stored in the blockchain. CrowdForce has a great potential to disrupt the traditional market and help every underserved individual to make payments easier.

The CrowdForce app is developed in the Ethereum platform and allows banks, individuals, digital wallets and crypto exchanges to set up some micro-tasks and use the services that are already provided. Agents such as retailers or merchants can use the app in order to set up payments to suppliers or receive money from customers that they sell products.

Micro-tasks and services are one of the significant features that Crowdforce offers. Some of them are that people can use the platform in order to pay bills, exchange crypto to fiat, sports betting etc. The services that can enjoy are consumer insights, market research, and surveys and some audit services that can be proved beneficial to users in order to analyze their data that they can acquire.

CrowdForce is here in the right time. The demand is expected to rise considerably and this project can make a positive impact on the society by providing useful services to people. There are many retailers, agents, and merchants that are damaged by the insufficiencies of the market right now. Crowdforce can assist them with the developed platform and make them accomplish the goals they set and boost their profits.

Eventually, economic growth can stem from projects like Crowdforce that contribute to the development and the evolvement of the global economy.

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