This is a picture of me at my family’s beach house, we go there every summer vacation and during Christmas to spend a few days together. My parents work very hard and provide or family with what we need. You can see from the picture that i am male, although you cannot tell my sexuality but i am a heterosexual male.
This is a picture of some of my best friends and I at a party, i went to an international school so majority of my friends are either mixed or not Filipino at all.
This is a picture of one of my friends and I in Kobe, Japan. We went there for a tournament for badminton, this sort of shows my socioeconomic status as it shows i can afford to travel to play sports in other countries.
This is a picture of my family and I, you cant really see our socioeconomic status here but it isn’t really important. You can see that we are Asian at first glance, but in reality my dad’s side has some Spanish blood and some of my relatives who are Spanish come over to our place during Christmas and they celebrate and drink with us throughout the day.

Selfie Assignment

The pictures I have chosen show quite a few aspects of me, some of them would show that I enjoy spending time with others as most of the pictures I’ve chosen have other people alongside me. The pictures could also show that I enjoy the beach and spending time with family and friends. I believe these pictures produce a sense of my identity through the fact that they show times in my life where I really enjoy myself. Being around people who are dear to me, going to the beach, travelling and sports are all things I enjoy very much. Although some of the selfies may not have a lot of context, when hearing the context of the situation I believe people could get a sense of my identity better.

I believe this is significant to how others see me because in reality I am a shy person, who often is soft-spoken when meeting people he doesn’t know. But I tend to become more outgoing and friendly once I get to know people. I am also very passionate about the things I hold dear to me, whether it’s travelling, sports, or being with family and friends. My identity nowadays could be very different from my parents’ generation, due to many things being more accessible and cheaper. Our generation also has social media now, which allows us to make a lot of parts about our life public. In this sense we have to be a bit more responsible about how we project ourselves to the public because it’s much easier for people to judge us.

By thinking about my identity and single stories, I feel as if it is easy to judge someone based on what you first encounter about them. The stereotypes that comes with teaching students who come from lower income families, or who have not succeeded in getting into good schools often connotes negative images. This helps me get a better image of how I should see others and not quickly judge them, based on their outside persona. The children who attend AVID may be some of those who are subject to these stereotypes and criticisms.

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