Nick Kyrgios, please abandon tennis

Hello Nick,

I love tennis. I wake up avery day at 3:15 AM just so I can get to the tennis courts and have a chance to get one of the courts assigned to me and my partner/rival. Then we play from 5 to 7 AM and head to our workplaces. So, when I say I LOVE the game… I mean it!

Then it’s time to watch Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, Murray, Serena, Ana, Caroline, Madison, Sania and all the professionals that fill my TennisTV or cable TV screen during the ATP tour or during the Grand Slams. I see great matches, I see great moments, I see great newcomers defeat the top players. I see all that and it just fuels my passion for the game.

But then you arrive. A very talented player, with amazing skills and magic shots from everywhere in the court. But with the emotional strength of a newborn. The arrogance of a bad dictator, and showing no respect for the game, for your opponents or for yourself.

I don’t want kids watching your matches, idolizing the worse type of sportsman.

Some examples:

Telling Stan that your pal had sex with his girlfriend during a match.

Losing games intentionally because you are on a tantrum.

And again…

Winning in first round, and then claim you got “bored”

And a lot more

Faking an injurie just to play with your opponent’s head, throwing your racquet at the crowd, getting fined for yelling bad words on court, and also playing trick-shots unnecessarily just to mock your opponent or to make evident your “superiority”.

No, I don’t believe the young players who will be our next tennis generation should be exposed to such a terrible influence from someone like you.

So, please Nick Kyrgios, retire from tennis and let the other newcomers (who besides great tennis also show respect and ethics) reign the upcoming tennis era.

Seek help ;)