Reflecting on Susan Fowler’s Reflections
Aimee Lucido

I really appreciate your piece, and your willingness to share your experience. I also am really thankful for all the work you do on inclusion and diversity in the workplace. I very much take to heart that this happens everywhere, it isn’t an Uber specific thing. It shouldn’t happen to anyone anywhere. And we have to make sure it doesn’t happen at our own companies. As a manager I take that really seriously.

I want to call out one thing. You wrote “It’s infuriating that something like what happened to Susan can go undetected for so long…” but in fact it didn’t. She repeatedly reported her experiences to HR, chronicling everything. She did the right thing and senior people, including HR, made the decision to punish her instead. That is infuriating. The experiences she described should at least have resulted in some disciplinary action, if not immediate firing of the involved parties.

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