Creating the balance of the cross functional team

In today’s world the quicker to market the better, engineers driving the creation or startups and I have observed a culture of build…build…build…but why are you building it? Are you building just to build or to use the newest and coolest technology out there? What’s happened to the checks and balances of teams? Where’s the balance?

When practicing yoga, if you’re in a balancing pose, you slowly learn how your other muscles can help you reinforce the pose. Flex this bend that, extend and bend.

In teams, I’ve noticed a trend to be engineering thinking.Whilst they are some of my favorite nerds in the world, the balance is off. Driven and managed by engineers, but the balance is off. Product owners are on the team but thats all and the Scrum Master is there to manage the conflict. The relationship is adversarial, filled with distrust and sometimes like witnessing a fight to the death.

The importance of designers and design thinking to talk to your customers, do those customer interviews, validate your riskiest assumptions is lost. They aren’t the only ones, who aren’t invited to the party. Our every friendly QA automation engineer and data analysts who will balance out the conversation. And not to forget the servant leader of the Scrum Master. They exist to bring balance to the conversation and data, to help teams discover the needs of the customer. All team members can contribute and be part of the conversation.

Cross functional teams are the biggest assets in your organization and what I’m calling The Art of Balance, the creation of the healthy team. It’s the support of the other teams members that drives the quality of the team and your product.

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