Every design is development and all development is design. You can not have one without the other. Developing a website is not just creating a functional website or delivering a complete design and expect an exact copy within a certain time frame. It is about the collaboration between two disciplines that have not much in common. Accept for the fact that they both solve problems and organise information, we just do so in different ways!

Development is unlike design very objective and much more about technique. Design is more subjective and about visuality. …

In the upcoming months I want to show you some inspiring thinkers and makers who are working with the digital medium and share their views on the world of digital design.

As a part of cohort17 at HackerYou we will dive into responsive design this week. In line with this I want to tell something about variable fonts. Almost two years ago Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe started working on a new standard, one that could change digital typography. Right now — including the project we are working on at HackerYou — we’re using multiple weights of a single typeface…

Manon Rugge

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