Forest Fire

Fire had come in days gone by, cleansing the forest floor, taking life from living things, creating life for more. Fleet footed creatures had run in fear. Winged creatures, they took flight. Burrowers went to ground, in the quest to save their lives.

When the fire had subsided, opportunities soon arose. New life was created, through the ashes left behind. Grasses grew in open space, the old forest had not allowed. Seeds were opened throughout the land, needing fire to crack their shells.

Burnt out trunks, the fire left behind, provided food for insects, a bounty they rarely had. Winged creatures soon discovered them, flying by their old home. More seeds and bugs than they could eat, the old forest had never grown. Fleet footed creatures came back, to a land forever changed. Change that has made life, for now, easier to survive.

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