Looking for a place to walk, to find my inner peace. Looking for a place to sleep, away from the police. There are signs around me, that I am not welcome here, but I make this promise to you, I am no cause for despair.

All I am looking for, is a place to rest my head. In the morning I will move on, with no sign of my bed. The possession’s that I really need, I carry on my back. After many years of travel, I only need a few.

I see the world through different eyes, probably not like you. I am not lonely, or ashamed, I like the man I am. I am just seeking a quiet place, on which to rest my head. One that provides shelter from the night, protecting me from the storms.

I do pick up work occasionally, to get the goods I need, as I wander through the world, going where I please. I don’t seek your sympathy, or your helping hand. Although I am not sure what I seek, as I travel across this land.

A friendly word, a friendly smile, gives me the comfort that I need. To wander through this great land, providing the strength to travel on.

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