Read This if you Can’t Decide What Topic to Write About
Ayodeji Awosika

I LOVE the fact that you’re saying niche are overrated. I strongly agree with you. To be honest, I’m quite young, but I’ve always wanted to write. I started a forum, a blog, a novel with friends when I was 13, but did not pursue those projects because I felt too young and like a failure. People kept telling me I had to specialize, focus on my studies for the job — the real job you now — I wanted to do… Anyway, over time, I completely abandoned writing until last September when I began to turn my life around. I started a blog, I started writing for myself, but also working out, going outside even alone… I challenged myself constantly, I tried new things. And I feel much happier today like that. I realized that my studies are interesting (I’m studying international relations & politics), but that I need more. Or something else rather. I cannot focus on just one thing. And that is how I stumbled upon the concept of multipotentialite. There are people in this world who live to know everything about one topic ; there are others who want to try everything out. I’m from the second category : I need to diversify my activities. And thanks to this realization, I was able to create my blog, and accept the fact that it is about many things : happiness & productivity, but also food & recipes, wellness, book reviews and travels. I don’t have many followers, but at least, I’m happy and writing about what I’ve always wanted to write. No niche, no specialization. The best part ? I’m able to reach people I would not have had I focused on only one item !