Implemented ./runtests <server-url> and re-runnable cadasta-test test suites

These are the final few weeks of Outreachy Internship with Cadasta. After implementing the test execution order and making the test suites I had a review with Kate and David.

Kate suggested me few things there.

  • Having an input into the cadasta-test of which server the tests should be run against. ie. ./runtests <server-url>
  • Making the test suites re-runnable multiple times on the same server without cleaning the Cadasta DB.

Re-runnable cadasta-test test suites are implemented in this way. Every time someone runs ./runtests <server-url>, it will create a new user having username cadasta-test-user-x. Here, x is the next available integer. Similarly it will create a new organization, new project etc. so that there won’t be any dependency on previously created users, organizations, projects, etc.

This week I was in to the above two tasks. They both are for making cadasta-test test suites more user-friendly.

Apart from that I added some new test cases under resources so that many allowed resource file types are being tested and other possibilities of attempt uploading files which are not allowed as resources are being tested.

Heard from Kate and David that they are going to have another Outreachy internship from the same space to improve the UI automated test coverage. So I made it easy by making cadasta-test more user friendly.