My First Experience with Cadasta

Outreachy… It’s a platform to start the opensource contribution for us.

I started with Cadasta, and thought of sharing my experience with you because it helped me a lot to learn very good stuff that a developer should know.

I’ve been a contributor of several FOSS projects for past two years. But Cadasta taught me a lot of new things about the best practices they are following.

Here is my first contribution to Cadasta

The above pull request is to fix a small UI related bug which is about showing/hiding some buttons and some other stuff based on the permission assigned to a user.

By then, I didn’t have an idea of why it is important to work on a separate git branch specific to the task doing rather than working on the master branch of the forked git repository. Since I created this pull request only, I got to know the importance of it.

When we are going to work on the master branch it is difficult to incorporate changes from the “upstream” master into our current working copy. In order to get rid of these difficulties, we can work on a topic (or feature) branch. So that the ones who’s going to merge the PR also can easily keep track of the things we are doing.

Thanks to the comment, I learnt how this branching strategy makes our lives easier.

That way, though my first contribution to Cadasta I learnt very good lessons as a developer.