Radio Jockey, Where Speaker meets their Listeners !

Radio Disc Jockey, the life of RJ is not just belong to them but connected with the people around them. RJ is the speaker, music programmer, script writer, presenter of radio shows, radio advertisements and lending voice to audio magazines and documentaries. Their mind never stops working as they have to be active and alert 24×7.
 The profession of Radio Jockey is based on what you speak, when you have to speak, on which topic you speak and how you speak. RJ has good sense of humor as they are listened by most of the population of our country it includes rural as well as urban areas. As it is a listening device people may get bored easily, orderly to make the concept interesting Radio Jockey must add some humor to the show. Radio Jockeys in India

The creativity while speaking is as important in written script. Interacting with people in various conditions is creative skill. Being attracted towards people is not that easiest skill. Creativeness takes birth when you started loving what you do. The qualities such as a making Jingles, Poem, Rhyming, Shayari etc will add perk in Radio show. The act of Radio Jockey is focusing on what we preach about the particular topic. You must have full information about the matter which you are going to speak. Listeners always expect some information. RJ has to be up to date regarding the information, current affairs and the general awareness.
 Fluency in particular language is essential as the Radio Jockey should not fumble while speaking on microphone. It will be easier to communicate with local people, area of that place by having command on the local language.
 RJ has to be impulsive as any emergency arrive, as they have to report their listener immediately without any detachment. Being connective with listener will makes you active and attentive.
 Radio Jockey having the knowledge of technical instruments is a plus point and also learns to bring modulation in voice while speaking which will not create monotony.
 Try to focus on the daily happenings and on the spot matter, which will be able to attract listeners more. During the contest if listener is being rude, RJ has to be patience, calm and peaceful while answering them. Sometime mistakes tend to happen on air live show; Radio Jockey has to be that smart and creative enough to cover that error. Being punctual is the positive factor; this will create excitement for listeners.
 Every talkative person is not RJ, but the person who speaks a lot and speaks from the heart is the RJ. Being Radio Jockey is definitely not a cake walk, but everything is rely on your “Magical Voice” which will speak or convey to the listeners.
 There are various radio channels in the market which are popular among the masses. The industry, though, is not very old but has become popular in a very short span. There is various celebrity Radio Jockeys who are already ruling the Radio industry and you can become the next one too! If you have that right voice and wittiness to engage the listeners then you can also become one of the popular RJs in your town.

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Originally published at on August 22, 2016.

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