365 Story’s — Out of body experience

After 8 years in Argentina, one day I pack up my things and move to Berlin, in this idea to experience a new life, with ideals more similar to mine.

I love South America, it is music, rhythm, color and heat, it is beautiful in the cruelty, like a poetry of Bukowsky somehow, you are happy with less, but sometimes is not enough, I don’t want to survive.

So when I decided to go to Europe I heard voices screaming that I was from the bourgeoisie, and for me that’s the problem. If you want better, is because you want to be better that someone, or you think you already are. People are stuck in the idea they deserve to work ridiculous hours to earn less than they need to live a good life. And doesn’t need to be like that.

When I arrived here I was mesmerized and I’m still am. They understand the idea of enjoying life.

This is the story how with the wrong person, in the wrong situation, I had the best LSD trip of my life. Somethings is all about to get the control of your mind not caring who is around you.

In the first months in Berlin, for the first time I start using the online dating app, was an away to do things and known people, also to date a little bit because no one is from steel.

I meet this little Italian, he was thirty something, but he looks like a child, also dressed like one, he was only missing Spiderman underwear.

With him was that I discovered the difference between a Latin lover and a European one.

And definitely my sexual being is Latin, is like a dance move mix with the ability of seduction.

This guy, that we are going to call him Nicolo2, I was his first “Latin”, and is not because I was the big deal, but he was astonished, he never lived sex the way I taught him to do it.

He didn’t know that was possible to enjoy each other’s bodies for hours.

But of course the problem was that he started to confuse that with love, and wasn’t my plan at that moment.

In a desperate move when he felt that I was pulling away he invited me to his house to take LSD and stay the night with him. I went.

Three drops in that coffee mug with water. After one hour it hit me like the guilt that hits the catholic on a Sunday morning. Too hard to manage, and my trip went too dark place, he tried to touch me, be close to me and the only thing that I could do was barking at him, wasn’t my best moment.

I was super sensitive to the touch, I could feel the power of my mind vanishing, I couldn’t control my body, one to step to craziness, for someone that is a control freak with the power of her own mind, losing that feeling like a knife crossing your soul, is actual physical pain.

I actually crowl to the bathroom to take a shower, but was useless.

I felt that was hours had gone by, but probably wasn’t, my body was fighting this imaginary fight laying in that bed in that small and smelly room, and I was losing it, and he, well he was just there trying not to interfere in my fight.

Until the moment that I realized that without a mind or control of my body I was free. Free like I never was before. Free to go, free to fly. And so I did it!

I fly to the universe and beyond, in that moment Nicolo2 approach me in a subtle way, like a wet dog, ask me if he could touch my hand, and step by step we start being closer and closer.

In a way that I never was with no one. I’m going to sound crazy at this moment, but we fucked without doing, was an out of body experience. I felt every inch of my skin wallow of pleasure still wearing my clothes. His hand was touching the whole extension of my body being five centimeters away.

I felt an inner force, that I could control my own pleasure the way that I wanted.

After that night, we saw each other another time, but he thought that we need it to beat that level of intimacy, and I was just happy with the feeling that I still carried from that night.

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