A Streaming Pile of Garbage?
Cortney Harding

The problem to me are the big boys holding the rights of their recordings for an eternity bulling around everyone if they don’t get the money for the content! To my understanding a flourishing, competitive and truly free modern music streaming market can only exist by changing the laws defining property rights of the labels on the recordings. We should take example from the relevant laws about intellectual property which gives the rights of a musical work to the public about 80 years after the death of its creator! This way the content of all the legendary recordings that major labels hold would still be in every steaming service as content but this could change the way the revenue is being shared, no more having the big labels demanding. 70% of the pie for their content which is actually almost everything an average listeners listen online! This could lead to a fairer to the artist revenue policy which could be based on what every service subscriber actually listens per month and how much and takes out of the payment equation the total plays in the service per month that till today makes sure that most of the money goes to the big guys! Also through exclusive deals directly between labels or artists with the streaming services a content variation should occur.

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