Tips to keep in mind before purchasing a Hydraulic Press?

A hydraulic press is a device used to generate a compress force by utilizing a hydraulic cylinder, mechanical lever and other tools. It follows the Pascal’s law principle to work. There are several points that one should keep in mind before buying a hydraulic press. These points include:

Choosing the Press Tonnage

One of the most important factors to take care of while purchasing a press from any of the hydraulic press manufacturer is choosing the tonnage. That’s because there are a number of applications like deep drawing where a particular tonnage is required and for other purposes it may vary accordingly.


Choosing a right hydraulic press that can serve your purpose should be the prime aim while purchasing a hydraulic press. Just like different hydraulic shearing machine manufacturers, there are different manufacturers of hydraulic presses that offer a variety of presses to serve different needs of the customers. Choose them wisely!

Automatic Feeding Equipment

Hydraulic presses need some external power to feed stock. Make sure the feeder should have its own power along and should be integrated perfectly with the press control system.

Apart from the aforementioned ones, other factors to consider includes speed, stroke depth, shock after breakthrough in blanking, frame and some construction points. Like the availability of a number of hydraulic surface grinder machine manufacturers, there are a number of hydraulic press manufacturers in the market. All you need to do is select only the certified ones.