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Entry 1: I met an alien last night.

It was hard to tell at first till he told me. Jojo looked just like us, spoke like us too. Well, almost. The key to telling them apart was to watch their throats. There was no movement there when they spoke as the sounds were produced from vibrations in their nose bridge. If you listened carefully, they ‘spoke’ through their nose. They only opened their mouths to blend in.

Anyway, apparently he was here for work. I didn’t know much about extraterrestrial culture, but I supposed one didn’t run far from the economic machinery; even if you were 20 light years away. He said he was working in HR for a video game company. I found it strangely comforting that there was a video game market for such a technologically advanced people (actually, how should I address his civilisation). …

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“Why don’t you get a job? It’s not as if you have anything better to do.”

“Sheesh Mom it’s literally the first day of summer break…”

“I’m just saying, make yourself useful. It’s not going to kill you.”


Rayne starting scanning Craigslist for any short term job listings. She figured she could find something short term near her neighbourhood just to get Mom off her back. Some pocket money would be nice too.

“Babysitter….shop assistant… waitress….. script enforcer.. what in the world is a script enforcer?!”

She read on.

URGENT: Looking for stand-in Script Enforcer

We are a travelling theatre troupe looking for a Script Enforcer to ensure everyone keeps to their role and lines. Our current Enforcer has fallen ill and we need one for our performance tomorrow evening. Please reach out if interested, pay negotiable.

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There was a Town.

In this Town, every house was alike — red brick walls, tiled roofs, a kitchen, two rooms, a bathroom, , and a basement. The basements though. They were humongous, the pride and glory of Town — stretching deep underground to beneath the middle of the road which these houses lined. Huge. They were quite simply, unlike any basement you would have seen.

Hugo was new to Town. He had wandered over from the Edge, having served his sentence and looking for a new life. There were always men like Hugo passing by the Town, but none of them thought about staying. …

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