A Perspective

Loathe as I am to defend Hillary Clinton… I mean, I find her awful, awful. Magnitudes less awful than Trump, but still.

But there’s this piece regarding the Clinton Foundation and it got me thinking.

The short version is that while she was Secretary of State, she was receiving all these requests from people offering the Foundationmoney in exchange for favors. Let’s assume that all the worst beliefs are in fact true, that it’s as bad as people, fueled by the corporate media scenario, think.

That raises a few questions.

First, can anyone identify a single significant policy implemented because of a request, as it were, to State in exchange for a big contribution to the Foundation? Just one. Does anyone really think that there was a single policy implemented by State under Clinton because of a contribution as opposed to bullshit policies the establishment wanted? To the contrary: There’s not a one.

For that matter, exactly what favors or at least kinds of favors did contributors get for their money? I’d daresay it was all a brilliant scam: All the contributions for petty stuff in the greater scheme of things.

Again, assume the worst (but realistic) then compare it to these examples that apparently people don’t find as bad.

Congress. The home of Pay to Play. Where elected officials have done virtually nothing good for voters in decades but who are happy to do whatever special interests, corrupters, bribers pay them to do, where lobbyists draft the bills, and all the elected officials do is vote for them. (Irony of course is all the voters who don’t like the endemic failure of their representatives so they keep reelecting them. You’d think that given all the antipathy, so to speak, to Congress there’d be massive turnover every cycle and instead it’s the opposite.) Really, isn’t the obscenity that’s Congress worse than Clinton’s petty thievery (if that’s what it is)?

Or Trump: Ain’t the art of the deal but the art of legal theft, a business built on irrational tax breaks and legal scams. It’s called gaming the system. As an actual businessman, other than a real estate-based capitalist, he’s minor at best, and pretty much a failure. And his licensing business? Stinkers at best, nearly everyone a failure. And then there’s ripping off all his suppliers. Classy! Hard to say that his endemic lying and grifting isn’t as bad as Clinton’s petty theivery.

So, of course, Clinton’s crap is sleazy. But really, worse than Congress or Trump? Really?