My Crooked Donald Reddit Question

The possible, if not likely, next President of the US is doing a Reddit AMA Wednesday night. I can’t make it so can someone post it for me, because I’d love to know this. Inexplicably, the corporate media whatever-they-ares — clearly not journalists as the word’s understood — have held off on asking it.

My question, then:

“How can a narcissistic psychopath, the son of a racist corrupter of politicians who used public money to build de facto segregated housing; someone who sought out as a mentor a historically vile scumbag; someone who publicly lynched (figuratively speaking) five innocents because of the color of their skin; someone who repeatedly does business with organized crime and Russian oligarchs/criminals; someone who only one major bank is willing to do business with; someone who has not performed any significant public service ever; a complete tax cheat and liar about personal wealth; what qualifies such a person to be President of the US and what actual acts, not goals, could we expect that would benefit the majority of the nation — other than, as you’ve already said, impoverishing most of the population and (maybe) implement Russia-friendly foreign policies?”

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