Out of My Mind | 30 August 2016

Gene Wilder, R.I.P.

Ah, show biz… one of the great bitches, awful way to make a living, you have to be beyond crazy and so on and so forth.

That said, if you could just do these, you’ve had a terrific career:

Bonnie and Clyde

The Producers

Blazing Saddles

Stir Crazy

Farewells to Wilder here (many clips there!) and here and here and here. Where to watch them listed here.


Sometimes, a single headline doesn’t just give you the entire story, but tells you a lot about the state of the world and all:

Facebook fires human editors, algorithm immediately posts fake news

As the world grows more complex, stupidity grows as well. As such, how good can algorithm be as a substitute for, you know, knowledge and judgment? How well can it be monitored by people with insufficient abilities?

Those questions are answered in the headline.

Hey, look! Actual voter fraud:

Someone using servers in the US, England, Scotland, and the Netherlands stole voter registration from one state’s Board of Elections website in June and attacked another state’s elections website in August, according to a restricted “Flash” memorandum sent out by the FBI’s Cyber Division. The bureau issued the alert requesting other states check for signs of the same intrusion.
The “Flash” memo, obtained by Yahoo News, was published three days after Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson offered state officials assistance in securing election systems during a conference call. According to Yahoo’s Michael Isikoff, government officials told him that the attacks were on voter registration databases in Illinois and Arizona. The Illinois system had to be shut down in July for two weeks after the discovery of an attack; the registration information of as many as 200,000 voters may have been exposed. No data was stolen in the Arizona attack, but malware was reportedly planted on the site.

Is this a great nation or what?

Brock Turner is scheduled to be getting out of jail this week, three months early.
Turner was sentenced to 6 months, following a conviction of three counts of sexual assault on the Stanford University campus.
Recently released documents from the case show that Turner admitted to laughing out loud when confronted by bystanders, mid-rape.


Kidding; just white privilege in action. The girl was seriously drunk so Turner just treated her the way she was meant to be treated, right?

No, not at all.

Just disappointed that maybe he wasn’t sufficiently abused while incarcerated.

7 Years After the Recession, America’s Public Schools Still Haven’t Recovered

Nor were they meant to. They had to be sacrificed so private charter school owners could get the money.

Query: When was the Times last worth shit on anything important?

And here: Great moments in corporate reportage. Rather, a smattering from just the last few days.

Fury as Microsoft Bing translates the Arabic word ‘Daesh’ into English as ‘SAUDI ARABIA’

Maybe Bing is just telling us what our leaders, beholden to the Saudis and all, can’t, won’t, wouldn’t.

Spoiler: Bing is accurate enough on this.

Insight from Rush Limbaugh:

She’s presumably she’s going to be Hillary’s chief of staff. But she has not been chief of her husband’s staff.


Fred Trump, the father of millionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump, was arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally as a young man, according to a 1927 New York Times story. Vice put in the legwork on corroborating the nearly-century-old one-sentence report. They not only found other reports of his arrest, but the startling fact that those arrested were “berobed”.


I’m still waiting to find out what Daddy ex-Drumpf did during World War II. His neighborhood was a hotbed of Nazi supporters, and I can’t see Fred not being one of the gang. (In fairness to Donnie, so was Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of two presidents.)

As [former George W. Bush speechwriter David] Frum predicted and we’ve witnessed over the years, there is not much the Republican Congressional leadership can do to satisfy these folks in the right wing media because their ratings rely on fomenting anger and threats to “blow shit up!” I suspect this is precisely why Paul Ryan resisted taking on the role of House Speaker after John Boehner was ejected from his leadership position. He knows that he is now the target and this won’t end well.


Six-odd decades of empowering haters and othewise destroying their lives isn’t actually a great longterm plan. Sow/reap.

The Trump Effect is creating new openings for Democrats in the House, openings that the Democrats are poised to exploit with an expanding map of targeted Republican seats.


Too bad a GOP majority’s gerrymandered in — not that that’s anything like electoral fraud, uh-uh.

Rudy Giuliani: Savior of Black lives. He by himself reduced crime, including murders, even of Black folk. Did it all by himself. Only he!

But not lifelong second generation racist Trump.

Back to Rudy:

When he was reelected to his second mayoral term in November 1997, New York’s Rudy Giuliani stood before the television cameras on election night and, Nixonesque, his arms making a “V” in the air, exalted, “I am the king of the world.,” By the following spring, however it was not royalty but a fascist dictator to which Giuliani was being openly compared. Jokes about Benito Giuliani swept through city streets and tabloid newsprint faster than fires through Florida. The governor’s office joined in. Even the congenitally sober New York Times asked on the front page of its Metro section whether Giuliani was the Mussolini of Manhattan. Little Hitler jokes were just as liberally sprinkled in especillyt after the mayor announced that he had earmarked $15.1 million of the city budget to build himself a bunker — — a bombproof “emergency control center” — — on the twenty-third floor of a World Trade center building.

The GOP: Zika enablers, they’re so pro-life.

“This isn’t a situation where you have an episodic gaffe,” Obama said on Aug. 2, needling the many Republicans who had recently denounced Trump’s words without rescinding their endorsements. “This is daily, and weekly, where they are distancing themselves from statements he’s making.” He’s right; at this point, to treat Trump’s statements as anything other than intentional is to uphold political-reporting convention at the expense of common sense. Trump has laid bare journalism’s contradictions — reporters’ desire to be critical of politicians without criticizing anything they stand for — to the point where we have no choice but to examine them. This may be the least expected outcome of 2016: The most flagrantly dishonest candidate in recent memory is forcing us to have the most honest political discussion we’ve had in years.


Donald Trump’s new $10 million TV ad cites two contradictory tax plans — one that Trump has explicitly ruled out and another that he has yet to endorse — raising more questions about what policies the GOP presidential nominee supports.