The Art Of Coffee.

Baristas, Independent Coffee Shops & Latte Art

The Art Of Coffee

There are some things that we just can’t get enough of. That distinctive waft of freshly brewed coffee as it envelopes the air around you, Filtered drip by drip or from one of those new fangled machines that whoosh and wizz till the foam is perfectly formed, it really doesn’t matter.

Or does it? In fact it does !!

Enough of this bitter afterthought that seems to be served up in the name of coffee in many a high street establishment. The assumption being that we made you a cup of coffee and you should be downright grateful for it.

Maybe it’s time to make a stand and let them know we appreciate properly brewed coffee beans. if properly roasted, their is really no need for us to cultureswallow the bitter pill that we are served, I for one have to mask it with lashings of milk just to make it palatable.

But their is an alternative, every week some where near you an independent coffee shop has just opened and chances are that the barista behind the till,is a passionate coffee geek,who understands the nuances of serving well made fresh coffee,brewed to perfection and then of course there is “Latte Art,” but then again that’s a whole different story.

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