Lesson your karma, Ease your Mind,

be Happy in this Lifetime.

by Barry H Mansfield

This is for those, would like peace of mind

if you take this advice

you might find the world to be kind.

Love can and should be a driving force. Compassionate understanding leads to love. Which leads to productive creativity, productive creativity leads to a higher standard of living. It is my belief that the primary force is the source of love and all that we understand as creation is an act of this love.

It is the driving force that motivates our universe. It is my belief that because we are endowed with the blessing of life it is important to give that love back. Peace will not come through religious practice or a political leader it will not come through arbitrary rules, it will come through the many souls who inhabit this earth through the act of compassion and understanding which leads to love.

Unfortunately, there are souls who for whatever reason choose to inflict negativity upon the world. Life can be hard, yet overcoming hardships encourages creative imagination to soar in many individuals. This enables to us overcome whatever hardships are caused by those who inflict negativity upon others.

What is karma?

Karma is generally known as the laws of cause and effect, but it could more effectively be known as the carrying of information within our souls. It is this information that we carry with us through eternity which in truth causes the cause and effect which are referred to as karma.

Our souls which are a direct conduit to the primary source it carries this karma or information for several purposes. Primarily it is a means for each soul to reunite with ultimate love. It does this by allowing us to experience this physical life’s sensations part of which are to realize and correct the negativity (hate, fear, and general animosity towards our fellow human beings) which is a major cause of all that is wrong in our world. By experiencing this and learning that is not the most productive way we thereby increase our spiritual understanding and at the same time increasing the happiness that we find.

How to work with karma

The first thing that has to be done is that each individual design a statement of desire not for material gain or possessions but for the spiritual enlightenment which can lead to true happiness. I have accomplish this by creating this statement which I will admit I kind of paraphrased from someone else’s work and have made it my own. It goes like this.

Dear God, who is everything I love you more each day

help me to serve you in the most effective way

help me each day to earn my bread

also, to forgive as I would have forgiven

the things we do each day

thy kingdom come, thy will be done

I love you more each day.

This is mine yours does not have to be so complicated you can simply say “ please help me be a better person” just try to make it something that you can dwell upon and remember whenever life is challenging you. And remember to listen and watch for guidance this will set you on the path of love. (Do not let others try to force-feed you their ideas that go against the natural order of divine spirit, through the misuse of the laws, logic, and other means of control.)

How you can achieve your goal

The second step at least as I see it is to develop a method which will allow you to achieve a higher state of enlightenment and help to negate those who would stop you. Again, in my particular circumstance I wrote this.

Compassion is my passion it is the only way to be

I must live within my compassion if I am to be truly free

if I can love all those around me, I can let all them love the me

so, I will live within my compassion and be truly, truly free

so, you see love yourself have compassion it’s the only way for you to really be

yes, yourself love yourself have compassion

and you will, yes you will be truly free.

The above poem is an affirmation of how I began to achieve my goal. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to create such a complicated affirmation. Something simple will do just fine such as (Please let me give love freely so that I will be able to freely receive the love given to me.) This is just fine and just as effective, but I do feel it is necessary to create an affirmation which you can keep in your mind and be referred to in times of stress.

The third step in the process is to understand that you as an individual can control your own life. That nothing outside of yourself can control you, yes, things can influence you but ultimately you are responsible for your own action or inaction. Predestination is discussed by many individuals who believe that the creative force which created the universe is in total control. This is a fallacy; (we have free will it was given to us at the time of creation). It is true that at each rebirth there is a basic plan, that basic plan was created by the individual soul who’s about to live a new life. But life can sometimes be chaotic, undependable, irresistibly devastating, when circumstances warrant each wellborn soul has the ability to adapt to the new situation choosing a more optimum outcome. Again, we have free will. And it is we alone who are ultimately responsible for our own lives. It is possible to ask for help and guidance and help and guidance are available in order to receive these blessings one must actively engage in the forward movement of one’s life. Again, in my case I wrote a poem. Feel free to use my poems or any part their of as an affirmation.

The way I think controls my life it cuts much deeper than the surgeon’s knife

love is so real you can taste and touch steel, so you know what you feel

yes, life to is real my heart truly beats, and my pulse often quicken

as I run into the nights fears sometime beckon

yet I keep moving on for I know what I am

a creature of God who was spawned from man

now time never stops nor shall it ever return

so, I looked ahead, and I watch, and I yearn!

And with love and compassion I see myself grow

and though time moves on

I know that I know

This last piece of affirmation is important for reminding yourself that you and you alone are responsible for your fate. It is by truly applying the things that I have just talked about and by putting in the necessary work towards your goal that you will achieve your goal. In this case the goal being an ease in your karmic situation and finding greater happiness in your own lifetime.



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