Boiled Radish and Minced Meat Chili [大根とひき肉の甘辛煮]

At a Glance

  • Cooking time … 25 minutes [調理時間 … 25分]
  • Calories … 308kcal [熱量 … 308kcal]
  • Cost … 101JPY [値段 … 101円]
  • Salt content … 2.4g [塩分 … 2.4g]

Ingredients (Two Portions) [材料(二人分)]

  • Daikon … 1/3 of the daikon (net 300g) [大根 … 1/3本(正味300g)]
  • Daikon Leaves (Appropriate amount) [大根の葉 … 適量]
  • Ground pork and beef mixture (aibiki niku) … 200g [合いびき肉 … 200g ]
  • Sesame Oil … 1/2 tablespoon [ごま油 … 大さじ1/2]
  • (A) Water … 3/4 cup [水 … カップ3/4]
  • (A) Sugar … 1 tablespoon [砂糖 … 大さじ1]
  • (A) Soy sauce (shoyu) … 1 1/2 tablespoons [しょうゆ … 大さじ1 1/2]
  • (A) Chicken boullion (Chicken carcass soup essence) … 2 pinches [鶏ガラスープの素 … 2つまみ]

Instructions [作り方]

  1. Cut the radish into long sticks, 4–5cm in length. [大根は長さ4〜5cmの拍子木切りにする。] Cut the leaves also into 4–5cm length, boiled in salt water (salt to taste). [葉は4〜5cm長さに切って、塩 ゆで(塩は分量外)する。]
  2. In a pot, add sesame oil, aibiki niku, and mix. [鍋にごま油、合いびき肉を入れる、混せる。] Over medium heat, cook until the meat changes color and becomes flaky. [中火にかけ、色が変わってポロポロになるまで炒める。]
  3. Add the daikon to step 2 (the pot), and stir-fry until coated in oil. [2に大根を加え、油がまわるまで炒める。]
  4. Add the ingredients in group (A), and cook for 10–15 minutes over medium heat, uncovered, until the liquid is reduced. [(A)を加え、落としぶたをして中火で10〜15分、汁けが少なくなるまで煮る。] Then add the radish leaves, stirring occasionally while removing the excess liquid. [大根の葉を加え、ときどき混ぜながら汁けをとばす。]


  • 調理時間, chouri jikan, cooking time
  • 熱量, netsuryou, amount of heat (calories)
  • 値段, nedan, price
  • 塩分, enbun, salt
  • 大根, daikon, daikon radish
  • 葉, ha, leaf
  • 分量外, bunryou gai, portion outside (to taste)
  • ごま油, goma abura, sesame oil
  • 合いびき肉, aibiki niku, mixture of ground pork and beef
  • 中火, chuubi, medium heat
  • ポロポロ, poroporo, flaky
  • 炒める, itameru, stir-fry
  • 落とし, otoshi, missing / without
  • ふた/-ぶた, huta / -buta, lid
  • 汁け, shiruke, broth / soup
  • まわる, mawaru, coated
  • とばす, tobasu, to fly / to get rid of
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