Ever wondered why some birds cannot fly?

Well, I did. And I just tumbled upon the thought, that the answer — my answer, to it is quite simple, actually . I haven’t done any research on it, though. I think, birds like ostriches and penguins cannot fly because they are too heavy to fly. The actual reasons are backed up by apt biological characteristics of these birds, I’m sure. But the reason that always appealed to me, regardless, was that they are too heavy for a flight. And I would like to continue to believe so, for it somehow helps me connect my human-theory to it — the theory of why we humans sometimes cannot fly high. And by fly high I mean achieving higher goals in life —

which could be becoming a successful person in life in monetary, powerful or positional terms;

or achieving a balance in life in spiritual terms;

or just achieving a blissful state of mind to lead a happy life;

Whatever that could mean to each single soul out there.

There are a lot of us who cannot reach there, fly that high. And I believe that the reason for our inability to fly is pretty much same as the reason for a flightless bird’s inability to do so (according to my theory). And I don’t mean our physical weight, but our mental and psychological weight, which is, perhaps, heavier than our body.

The weight of our stress and anxiety that we carry with us on a daily basis;

the weight of guilt and regret of past events that brood us down;

the weight of hurt and ache of long gone memories that promise to haunt us till death;

The weight of fear of rejection that shackle us to the ground;

The weight of depression and sadness that eventually lead us on a path of self-loathing.

And it’s an endless list to different shades of our demons— as we call it. We carry our demons with us all day long and probably even to bed at night. How can one expect to fly with so much load on their shoulders!

We unknowingly limit our own potentials and keep ourselves from achieving our goals.

Unlike the birds that cannot fly, even if they wish to, we humans can fly higher towards our dreams by just unloading that burden off our shoulders. It does take a lot of effort to do so, but not much, if you consider your dreams and ambitions to be bigger than that load.

And perhaps, our problems aren’t that big, after all. They all arise from a fundamental root cause, which can be fixed if recognised rightly.

No one but you have the control over your life and your actions.

We need to empty our minds time and again so there is room for new possibilities, dreams, ambitions and a fresh air of hope. When nothing seems right, a change of perspective goes a long way in helping fix things in life.

These words;

“The other world is this world rightly seen”

never fail to ignite a light of hope in me, in my despair.

And then, once we feel lighter and hopeful again, we automatically start to float; free from gravity, and we are ready to take that flight, higher and higher.

So go take your flight. The sky of opportunities is all yours, waiting for birds like you.

What are you waiting for?

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