Thanks to you.

Okay, so I agreed.

Agreed to let it out,

Agreed to let you in.

It started in a bar.

With two bottles of beer,

You willing to hear

And a settee to settle in.

You ask me about my day

There was nothing new I wanted to say

And the drink started to kick in.

To keep it short, I thought,

I’ll show you just the scars I’ve got.

For the “pain”, there is a lot to take in.

Drifting back and forth

Into the reality that I loathe

Got me thinking of dying.

Your face twisted with disgust

It hadn’t until then occured

That aloud I had uttered

My thoughts about dying.

A feeling of vulnerability was all I needed

Before I shut out and knelt defeated

The alcohol putting my emotions at peak

Clouded my mind and tears rolled down my cheek.

My world blurred out,

You heard my words no more

I had stripped off your suits of dignity you wore

Since I was so drunk,

You cut me slack, you swore.

Looking down upon me with those eyes

I looked like a piece of shit

If I knew my life would be ridiculed,

I would never have laid it

In your hands, I trusted them

To show me a way

But I made the mistake

Hence the price is mine to pay.

With my trust denied forever

And trespassers kept at bay,

I will never open up to another again

Thanks to you, I’d say.