Tribes are back and how !!!!!!

Who am I ?

AS an individual, my nationality is Indian, I speak the Queens English, my car is German, my clothes are designed by the French or the Italians, my phone is Chinese, my food is from all over the planet , the technology that I use is American and my dish washer is German.

I am now, a little bit of this and a little bit of that .

But who do I identify with best???

People like me, meaning people who might be different from me but who share the same values at a deep level and people I can trust.

When I say Trust, I mean people whose words, thoughts, actions and feelings follow one trajectory.

We are being bombarded with information from everywhere, but it’s becoming increasingly hard to separate fact from fiction , psychological manipulation from advertisements, propaganda from inspiration, news from opinions, genuine concern from marketing gimmick, guru’s from industrialists, friends from followers, sharing from show offing, genuine from nerdish.

We are all looking for the “real” stuff. But day by day, layer by layer, motive by motive all is getting shrouded.

We will stop identifying ourselves with our nationality, because most people who lead us have set up a narcissist feed mechanism that grows bigger from debasing us as humans by getting the worst out of us. Nations will exist only in geography. Dysfunctional.

We will stop identifying ourselves with the things that we buy because most of the things that we have or aspire to have will further alienate ourselves from the core of our beings. However, people who make the stuff will keep bombarding us with subtle clues about our inadequacies so that we keep buying .

We will soon stop believing in all our friends and followers because one day , we will get bogged down by the images we have created of our own selves.

Our search for people we can trust, is soon going to make us into virtual tribesmen of closed communities, living on self regulation with strict membership rules and highly protective. Leaders of the tribe will be chosen on demonstrable skills and not on bold rhetoric .

Ironical, that the culture that we tech savvy , modern people left off centuries ago is soon to be back again.

It’s probably interesting to note, “Development” is not linear, it’s cyclical.

We will keep going on in circles .

Then what’s all the SONG AND Dance really about ?

Think about it !!!!!!

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