The Top 3 SEO Audit Tools

A search engine optimization or SEO audit analyzes & evaluates your website’s search engine compatibility or friendliness & visibility to enhance & prioritize your SEO efforts.

In other words, an SEO site audit is a health check conducted for your website & it looks for numerous options & alternatives to optimize search engine usability, visibility & of course the conversion.

Thus, in the same milieu, let’s provide you the top three SEO audit tools which you can use to conduct your free SEO audit.

1) DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl is one of the best SEO audit tools available because of its flexibility & the generation of an in-depth audit report. It provides numerous crawl types & a full-fledged site analysis.

What’s more, you can also schedule the crawls automatically & even crawl customizations could be enabled such as setting of minimum & maximum page links, title, content, load time URL & more.

If you have a large website to cater to, this SEO site audit tool could be considered because it can crawl millions of pages. You can also fetch a detailed report about your competitor’s website right from their promotions, pricing, brand influences, content & the site architecture.

It can also be considered as an incredible professional management tool for your SEO team wherein you can generate & allot tickets to specific users.

2) Woo Rank

Right from analyzing & optimizing websites from SEO to digital marketing purposes, this SEO audit tool can do much more. It aids in generating multiple website reviews & lets you track progress in real time.

A user can also get a full-fledged website analysis to improve website rankings & online visibility through the use of the social media & SEO with the help of the tool.

You can also get a detailed analysis of your competitor marketing strategies as it analyzes their targeted keywords. You can also optimize your website better with the help of the integrated marketing checklist to prioritize set of tasks.

It also saves your precious time because it helps you download customizable presentations & reports with your brand’s logo & even looks after your brand image.

3) Google Search Console

When it comes to getting a good deal of website SEO insights, Google Search Console is one of the best technical SEO audit tools available. The insights comprise of broken links information, indexed pages numbers, HTML markup correctness & page loading speed.

A webmaster can also derive information about the position of a keyword along with the number of clicks for a particular keyword with the help of this SEO site audit tool.

If you have a site SEO audit lined up, no need to fret, make the most of the aforementioned free SEO audit tools & carry on with your SEO audit with an ease.

You can also take the services of an SEO audit company to help you with it at a low cost!