Breaking all the Stereotypes in 1-minute ad

In India, it is still considered taboo to marry divorced/widowed single Indian Mom’s. The brides are expected to look pretty, young, feminine, polite and understanding even amidst all the wedding planning and stress!
A jewelry company, Tanishq Jewellery, took on these issues of making skin tone and matrimonial “values” the topic of breaking stereotypes in this commercial, thus asking every Indian to re-think and renew their opinions about these stigma’s.

In the commercial, a mid-30’s, a “dusky dark complexion” woman with an 8-year-old daughter is getting remarried. Even in the modern age it is not normal for a dark-complexioned bride with a daughter to be accepted by the society wholeheartedly for remarriage. The ad is touching a nerve with people concerned about the fair versus dark-skinned standard of beauty.
The question here is will she be excepted by the society even though she is dark-skinned? Will the society stop being prejudiced about a woman getting remarried? 
@Tanishq Jewellery did an excellent job with this commercial. The jewelry in the commercial looks fabulous. The bride looks beautiful and has the courage to face the world with confidence and boldness.

At the end of the wedding, the daughter asks her mother’s new husband, in Hindi, if she can refer to him as “daddy.” Being accepted by step father is another stereotype broken in this ad. 
The ad is a fantastic way to promote your brand at the same time taking a stand against these old-fashioned stigmas. 
Here’s the link to the ad