My Europython experience

This July, I got the opportunity to attend and speak at the biggest Python conference in Europe. The venue was the marvellous conference centre in Rimini, Italy. The conference took place from 9th July to 16th July.

What I spoke about?

I spoke about “Using python and microservices to fuel WebPush at Mozilla” during the conference. This was my Outreachy project — developing a push server for Kinto.

I talked about how WebPush works and about all the players involved and their roles. I also talked about how me and my mentor developed the service. The stage fear and the fright was there but it went away the moment I got in the flow of speaking.

The conference

I also got to attend some amazing talks which just made me sit in my seat in awe and wonder how many amazing things are being done all around the world. There were talks about AI at Amazon, how deep learning models are served at, asynchronous programming in python, OpenAPI development, Django and GraphQL and many more amazing talks.

I learnt a lottt! I attended talks which were about totally new technologies and some which built onto my existing knowledge. Also, interacting with some people about where they work and what they work on, gave me some insight into their work and the technologies they use.

There were social events, lunch and snacks during the conference. So, there wasn’t just learning, each one of the atendees had a lot of fun too.


Outreachy has been a life changing experience. It has made me not only a more technically strong person but also made me strong mentally. The experience has helped me overcome imposter syndrome.

The next round of Outreachy will take place from Dec-March. Do participate! And feel free to reach out to me if you need any help.

All the best!