Chennai local train!

Not a big deal to many! But then yes it’s my first travel by Local train and I feel happy about it! It taught me too many things in a day !

What is real wait?

Waiting for the train to arrive. 10 seconds stay on the platform, wait till the passengers get off and then board. Wait till you get a seat. An ultra-lucky day, standing till you reach your destination. That’s how you learn to wait.

Cribbing is your habit?

The local crowd,rush,heat,
108575757 passengers in a compartment . New station and people add on. All you have to do is smile and master the art of flexing your body saving your ur toe’s. Fat or thin, lean or plump , sweaty or sticky you have to 'adjust’. The scent of jasmine teaches the life-truth of adjustment.

What's balancing?

When the train suddenly jerks and throws you off. Chatting on the phone at the same time requires Olympic-skills. Master the art of balancing better than a rope-walker.

What’s your comfort zone?

How the world is struggling to meet their ends every month, every paise not spent is important, and comfort is the last thing on mind. 
It taught me how to ignore the ogling eyes , locals fighting and fussing. That feeling when you hear unrealistic views of an local about youth,economy, education, government. Loose way in which they compare a modern society and culture. Being conservative about own culture is acceptable but blaming north indians to influence it is something unacceptable and sad to hear.

What’s real struggle?

Yes, I realised how dad and bro travel in these locals so we can have comfortable lives. Just one day and there’s pain down my spine. Real Respect. This one travel taught me how to value money and time.

The local train has its own rhythm, which takes a little while to hear.. it’s a complex but playful raga, a dance that all of chennai seems to know. It is full of dreamers and hard-labourers, farmers, fisherfolk, middle class to a business man. It will take time to learn and appreciate the rails , it will all take you in - if you let it. And oh yes!! I saved 1400 rs and I am proud of it!